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We started SmarterCleaning.NYC to provide high quality, green, sustainable cleaning services to all of New York City.

We’ve made it our mission to reach every spot of dirt, every stain, every hard-to-access corner, not only to make your home or business sparkle, but to use and promote proven eco-friendly and efficient cleaning methods, with higher levels of sustainability than conventional cleaning methods.

We hope to create not only a cleaner NYC, but a greener one, one we can pass on to our children's children, while keeping all those children, pets, neighbors, communities, cities, rivers and oceans healthy and thriving.

We see miles of delighted smiles on the faces of New Yorkers at home, and when they go out to work, or study and play in the many-storied spaces of our city. We thrive on delighting realtors, stagers, owners and prospective buyers or renters when we prepare properties for turnover or move-in, while taking pride in that fact we’re not only doing good work in that space that’s bio-friendly and sustainably clean - we’re doing good for a planet that just a little bit greener now.

Sartorius Planeta Una Domo Simul

“Greening the planet, one apartment at a time.”

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