Residential Green Cleaning

Residential Green Cleaning

Constantly on the go with work, partners, kids and culture, or do you just love relaxing solo or with your pals in the hip and cozy corner of Gotham you call your own? Love opening your home to guests? Maybe all of this sounds like you?

Once you’ve indulged in that first fabulous, stress-relieving Deep Green Clean we provide, you’ll love the way we keep your lovely home or apartment looking and feeling like we’ve just left.

Our brand of tidy will make your busy mornings and days easier, and your weekends and nights even more relaxing.

It’s the best thing to happen to your home since your home.

Really Clean and Green

Since you select the essential oils we use in your custom green cleaning product (or choose no scent at all!), your space will stay fresh, and dust-free with products that make your home both clean and earth friendly. Pleasure and social responsibility - Aren’t you the smart one?

Ongoing Services

General Maintenance Cleaning / Weekly and Rotating Options

If you become an ongoing residential customer, after your initial Deep Cleaning is complete in all rooms, you will receive General Maintenance Cleaning at a rate based on the number of rooms & bathrooms to clean, and the level of detail in your home.

Upon request, I will include time in your estimate for Options to be done either weekly or on a rotational basis

Included in General Maintenance Cleaning:

Clean and Sanitize:

  • inside & outside of toilets
  • bathroom floors
  • bathroom sinks
  • showers
  • tub
  • kitchen sink
  • counters
  • bathroom backsplash areas
  • in-shower shelving
  • intercom and phone receivers


  • coffee & side tables
  • hard surfaces on chairs & sofas
  • baseboards
  • banisters
  • bookcases and the tops of books therein
  • picture & mirror frames
  • windowsills
  • displayed objects
  • table & floor lamps and lampshades
  • desks
  • flat surfaces of computers, peripherals & cords (will exclude upon request)
  • entertainment center
  • cabinet fronts


  • loose papers and magazines

Shaking out & tidy:

  • blanket & pillow throws

Kitchen tidy:

  • stack/unstack dishwasher as needed
  • hand-wash and put away non-dishwashable items
  • degrease stove top

Spray clean:

  • exterior surfaces stove, dishwasher, refrigerator
  • interior & exterior of microwave
  • counter tops
  • cabinet fronts
  • outlets
  • switches
  • dining tables
  • dining chairs
  • mirrors
  • backsplash areas in kitchen & bath
  • trash & recycling bins
  • chrome or other decorative fixtures


  • floors and carpets (if working vacuum w/ appropriate attachments are provided)
  • under all furniture, appliances & cabinetry wherever access is possible without heavy lifting

Spray Mop:

  • all hard floors

Trash & Recycling:

  • empty and wipe down trash & recycling bins
  • take out trash and recycling
  • replace bags when provided

Cleaning of fragile items included or excluded upon request.


  • change bed linens
  • laundry
  • chair and picture rails
  • crown mouldings
  • blinds
  • shower curtains
  • closet floors & surfaces
  • ceiling fans*
  • ceiling light fixtures*
  • ledges, shelves, or cabinet/bookcase/fridge/closet tops out of reach*
  • excessive fingerprints, marks or stains on walls and door frames
  • detail cleaning on heavily soiled outlets or switches
  • inside of oven
  • surface stain removal
  • Interiors of cabinets and drawers
  • remove hardened paint drips
  • touch-up paint for walls/floor scratches (if materials are provided)
  • radiator/air conditioner details
  • radiator/fan covers
  • etched stone repair/polish
  • bees-wax furniture polish
  • pantry tidy/cleaning
  • vacuum upholstery & under cushions
  • light chandelier cleaning (in place only-no disassembly)

*if ceiling is very high, a tall enough ladder or footstool, in good repair, must be provided.

Talk to me about small repairs and finishing touch-ups around you home. I might be able to help, or recommend a handyman or specialist.

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